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Life, Linux, Games and Stuff.


Welcome to DarkGlobe.org

This is my random space on the web, planned several years ago but never executed to time constraints and erm... and me being too lazy :o)

I'm slowly adding content to the site (far slower than I thought possible), I've got ideas for it all, so its just finding the time to code it all.

At the moment there should be no broken links, but the majority of the content is in the Linux, Comedy and Computers section, mainly because that was the easiest stuff to write.

I've also made additions to the Cars section.

There's a contact page now, so if you have a burning desire contact me... just go here.

So, while you're here, feel free to browse about and explore DarkGlobe.org I hope you like it.


Site hand crafted with skill and care by www.darkglobe.org :o)